This Dog Hitchhiked 932 Miles Because His Family Went On Vacation Without Him

TravelandLeisurePublished: January 24, 201868 views
Published: January 24, 2018

As any dog would feel sad when its owners would go away for a while and leave it behind, so did this one. The only difference was, Rusty took matters in his own paws and tracked them down!

The Australian terrier demonstrated incredible ingenuity and strength of spirit, when he made his way across 932 miles of Australia to find his family that went on vacation without him. The dog, owned by Linda, Stuart Scudamore, and their kids, Eliza and Sam from Goondiwindi, Queensland, managed to become a stowaway on a truck that was apparently headed for Snowtown in South Australia. The only problem was the family were vacationing in Caloundra in Queensland, so Rusty was about 1,200 miles off.

Luckily for silly old Rusty, the driver of the truck found him and managed to take him back home, after finding the number of Scudamore’s in-laws on it. It isn’t quite the synopsis for “Homeward Bound”, but clearly Rusty was missing his folks. And it wasn’t his first time either.

"Last time we went away he hitched a ride to Chinchilla. He’s really upped the ante this time making it all the way to South Australia," Linda told Australian News. The family said that next time they will probably bring their loyal pooch on vacation with them. We bet that is what Rusty was hoping for all along!

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