Service Dog Gets To Meet His Idol At Disney Land

USATODAY_AnimalkindPublished: January 24, 201837 views
Published: January 24, 2018

Pets are amazing companions as they bring so much joy and love into our lives. Sure, they can be a lot of hard work to raise, some might say it is almost like raising a child, but those challenges are heavily outweighed by the amazing love and memories that they bring. Dogs are one such pet that are know for their love and memories. No wonder they are considered one of human-kind's greatest companions! It seems that one such amazing moment was created with this dog here!

Atlas, a service dog with a stuffed Pluto toy at home, experienced a little magic during one of his weekly trips to Disney World . The golden retriever and his owner Julian Gavino met a giant-sized version of his favorite character at Magic Kingdom. Imagine how you would feel meeting your life hero and being face to face with him. This doggy just cant even bare the fact that there is a bigger, let alone a live version of his tiny toy which he happens to adore so much. Take a look at his outburst of happiness as he gets to meet his idol!

Please share this video with your family and friends as it is sure to make them smile as much as you did! This is on video that no pet owner or pet lover should ever have to miss!

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