Mum’s achilles tendon snaps loudly in home workout

Caters_News Published January 24, 2018 26,418 Plays

Rumble By Katy Gill A fitness-mad mum found her Achilles heel – after trialling a new workout caused her tendon to snap like a gunshot. Tiffany Van Dyke, 41, was recording a preview for a new work out when her achilles tendon ruptured loudly. Immediately after the audible crack the high school science teacher and online […]


  • dcdlasercnc, 1 year ago

    Ouch!! That made one heckuva loud pop when it let go!

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    • Daniel, 1 year ago

      As those have likely had watched the video when a fitness junkie was doing a new fitness routine until her achilles tendon snapped like a twig when it sounded like a gunshot as those also her cuss like a sailor on shore leave which was edited out to keep the censors happy.

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