Piggy Refuses To Play With Joyful Husky

NewsflarePublished: January 24, 201848,274 views
Published: January 24, 2018

Unusual friendships such are always a charm to see. Dogs happen to be the most adaptable to other animals and be able to make friends the quickest. This might be coming off a bit rough to people that prefer other animals as oppose to dogs, but never the less, we're sticking by our statement.

Here we have a pig and a dog that have some how found a way to build a trusting and a unique friendship full of good times and great cuddles. However, not both of them are really excited about playing at the current moment.

This big big piggy is just trying to lay back and have some high quality shuteye where as this doggy is just too full of energy to even think about laying down next to his friend piggy. She tries everything to get her up on her legs and playing with her. She tries barking, stepping on her and even jumping on her back. But nothing seems to work.

After a little while of the Husky annoying the life out of her piggy friend she has had enough. She finally decides to get up and see what all this nonsense is about. Although, her Husky friend is much quicker then her and she realizes that she has gotten up for no reason. Never the less, with these two in the house there isn't any off time for the owner.

Take a look at this adorable friendship!

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