Pup Siblings Keep Balloon In The Air With Some Serious Teamwork

StoryfulPublished: January 24, 2018
Published: January 24, 2018

“Teamwork makes the dream work.” It is one of most repeated quotes in history, meant to motivate workers to keep a close relationship, because, in the end, nothing can break down a tight-knit group. A team means things get done faster and better, or in the case of these two pup, things stay higher. Until they pop, of course.

Cooper and Emma have found their new favorite toy. It’s never a dull day with this energetic pair. The playful pups quickly took to playing with the balloon in their backyard in Alpen, Germany, and it wasn’t long before a bit of competition ensued.

It is the kind of volleyball game where the loser is determined by who pops the “ball” first. We get to see a total of four matches between the competitive siblings and the sight is hilarious! They keep jumping and bumping into each other, barking at one another for getting in the way of success.

While still in the warm-up phase, they just bump the balloon with their noses, but when things start heating up, the dogs start to use their teeth and before we all know it, “pop” sound marks the end of the game. Watch the clip to see who won most tournaments!

If you think that only Pit Bulls can play volleyball with a balloon, you are mistaken. Samson the Newfoundland might look big and slow, but when that blue balloon gets tossed towards him, he turns into Matt Anderson, pouncing with ease that is hard to believe. Go Samson!

Credit: cooperandemma via Storyful

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