Herd Of Elephants Band Together To Pull Calf From Mud Pool

Published January 23, 2018 1,587 Views

When they say that it takes a village to raise a baby, it usually means people. But after seeing this clip, you will be convinced that that principle goes for every group of animals in the world, elephants included.

A visitor to the Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa captured this harrowing footage of a herd of elephants banding together to rescue a baby that was drowning in a mud pool. Jenni Smith was on safari on January 10, when her group stopped to watch the herd.

The elephants were swimming in the mud pool and cooling down, when they noticed one of their young struggling in the pool. “The herd were flustered when they realized the calf was in trouble and they were not quite sure what to do.” says Jenni. At first, the elephants seem to try and suck the water out of the pool, to little avail. The calf tries pulling itself up, but the bank is too muddy and slippery, so it keeps sliding down.

One of the bulls was already in the pool, so he comes in to push the baby upwards, while some of the females used their trunks to hoist the baby elephant up and out on dry land. Success!

Jenni said: “I was utterly amazed and filled with love for these incredible animals. I was thrilled to see that the baby was safe. He was completely fine afterward.”

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