Funny Video Compilation Of Animals Trying To Be Humans

StoryfulPublished: January 23, 201811 views
Published: January 23, 2018

Sometimes animals don’t understand what they are and try to exhibit human behavioral traits. Whether it’s helping out around the house or trying to play an instrument, watching animals acting like people is always entertaining!

Footage shows one obedient dog lending a helping hand to owners by carrying the grocery bags inside the house. Watch how happy this energetic pooch is to be of some help to his humans. It is simply adorable!

Next, we see one curious fluffy cat trying to hit the keyboards. Curiosity killed the cat, and she simply wanted to see what it feels like to learn to play the piano! What a curious little feline!

We see two adorable dogs strolling down the beach, with their feet dipped in the water. It is indeed one hilarious sight, as one of the dog’s is massive and the other one is tiny, so the waves hit different parts of their bodies. The massive dog doesn’t have a care in the world, calmly walking through the water as it only reaches half of his paws. The other dog however, has to be very careful to avoid waves flushing onto his face, struggling not to succumb to the rushing tides. Hilarious!

Can you believe these two playful bears trying to figure out the curious swings in the park? One of the bears is standing upright, holding onto the tire swing, and the other bear is leaning on the wooden swing, trying to catch her breath from the dizzy twister. Adorable!

A pooch is enjoying his morning coffee while safely nested in the front feet of the car, while owner is helping him to feast on the Puppuccino delight and flush problems away!

It is adorable to see this tiny pooch filled with confidence, unaware of his petite size, walking his pet horse down the stable road. It is impressive how this pooch managed to get his massive pet to follow his lead and not pull a stubborn tantrum, questioning who’s in charge!

This confused koala was tired of window shopping so she decided to enter the store and browse for a new TV to fit on her home tree. The four-legged mammal is curiously looking at what this store has to offer, and is a serious buyer indeed!

Credit: Various via Storyful

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