Ten Tricks That Make You Appear Much Smarter Than You Are

alltime10sPublished: January 23, 201815 views
Published: January 23, 2018

Even if you're as thick as two planks, there are some pretty sneaky ways to make you seem much smarter than you actually are!

A study from Michigan University found that being critical is a great way to boost your perceived IQ. Researchers separated participants into three groups, one in which they were told to appear smarter, one in which they were told to be well-liked, and a third control group with no instructions.

Participants were then asked to pick a film and assess it. Those asked to look smarter intentionally picked films they considered to be worse, so they can easily criticize them. Already indicating an association within our society of criticism and intelligence. This decision was proved right by the result. While those who rated the film worse regardless of their group, were rated as more intelligent by fellow participants, than those with more neutral opinions.

In addition, don’t have piercings if you want to look more intelligent. Researchers showed 440 participants photos of men and women with varying amounts of facial piercings and then asked them to rate their appearance to intelligence and attractiveness. Younger, more liberal participants were more likely to judge pierced individuals as more intelligent than the older more conservative persons. However, regardless of the age of the judge, piercing were generally perceived of making people less attractive and intelligent.

A 2007 study indicated that people judge maintained eye contact as a strong indicator of higher intelligence, both consciously and unconsciously. The experiment splits 1002 undergraduates into pairs to discuss a pre-assigned topic and instructed one to act smart and competent while the other was given no instruction. Of the people who were told to act smart, one technique that a hundred percent of the participants used at one point was to maintain eye contact, indicating that it is universally perceived as an intelligent act!

Check out the remaining tricks that help you appear smarter!

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