Emotionally Drained Girl Cries On Stage But Doesn’t Stop Dancing

NewsflarePublished: January 22, 2018647 views
Published: January 22, 2018

A hilarious video has emerged of a five-year-old girl crying on stage while continuing to dance along a school performance. Watch as this cute Asian kid bawls his eyes out, but doesn't miss a beat of the choreography! Adorable!

Footage was captured in Shijiazhuang City in northern China's Hebei Province on January 20 and features a group of pupils dancing as part of a school performance. However, one of the girls looks odd as she has a sour face expression and soon bursts out in tears mid-performance.

Apparently, this sweet girl suddenly felt sad when she was waiting at the backstage, for unknown reasons, but reportedly she stopped crying after the teacher calmed her down.
However, she couldn’t stop her eyes from watering when she went on stage to dance for the audience, so she burst into tears again during the performance.

This is what you call when you're emotionally drained but the show must go on. You allow your tears to flow and put your happy feet in action! The reason for this girl’s sorrow is unknown, but she is obviously feeling sad and cannot contain her emotions, so she cannot stop her tears from falling down her cheeks while she moves her feet to the rhythm.

Watching this funny moment when a girl cries, but continues to dance on stage, sticking to the choreography and dancing to the music, made us wonder what is the reason that made her sad! Is it stage fright or she just feels ashamed for wearing that hideous costume?

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