Smiling Piggie Changes Little Girl’s Life With His Positive Outlook On Life

USATODAY_AnimalkindPublished: January 22, 2018476 views
Published: January 22, 2018

An adorable video has emerged showing the special bond created between a smiling piggy and a disabled child. Meet Sammy, the pig that is helping a little girl hundreds of miles away!

This smiling pig knows how to light up a room and apparently, he can smile on command. Watch as Sammy goes snort, snort, snort, everytime owner pulls out a camera and addresses him in person!
It is no wonder that he is so happy, watch Sammy wiggle his nose as he grins for the camera. Adorable!

Judging by this video compilation, Sammy lives a good life. We can see him cuddling under the bed linen and having the time of his life in owner’s home. His owner Sharyn explains that he is not always a morning person so she has to wake him up. Sharyn has spoiled her pig to extreme levels and treats him like her own child!

In addition, she cooks him fine meals and lets him hang out with his bird friends in the yard all day. This pig doesn’t seem to have a care in the world!

However, Sammy has an important job and plays a leading role in one little girl’s life. He is friends with four-year-old Kaylee who lost function of half of her brain when she was young and doctors said that she would never walk, talk or possibly eat on her own.

Miraculously, after watching a video of Sammy smiling she uttered her first audible words saying “piggy nigh, nigh”. Since then, owner started making videos of Sammy just for the sake of Kaylee in order to encourage and motivate her on her journey! What a loving gesture!

Now, Kaylee loves telling people about Sammy, the smiling piggy and she watches videos of piggy every night! So, keep on smiling Sammy, you bring joy to this little girl’s life!

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