Customized Teddy Bear Keeps Grandma's Memory Alive

USATODAY_Humankind Published January 22, 2018 137 Plays

Rumble When Lauren’s beloved nana passed away unexpectedly, her friend wanted to cheer her up so she gave her a gift with a message that she could treasure forever.

This is the emotional moment a grieving granddaughter broke down in tears after hearing her grandmother’s voice coming from a teddy bear shortly after her nana passed away. Lauren Doyle was stunned when she heard the recorded message coming from beyond the grave telling her ‘I love you’.

Her thoughtful best friend Carlita Pounder arranged a heartwarming surprise to cheer Lauren up after the sudden death of her 73-year-old grandmother Barbara Kinnell, just two days after Christmas.

Footage shows the 22-year-old sitting at her home in Hartlepool, County Durham, when her friend hands her the furry surprise. Fortunately, this emotional moment was caught on camera for her to cherish forever!

Obviously, Lauren didn’t have a clue about what’s going on but once she saw the box she knew that it was from Build-A-Bear since they are very distinctive.

When she pulls out the certificate she reads that the bear had been called Babbylicious, which is the nickname she gave to her nana and her friends started calling her too.

In addition, the bear is dressed all in red - a red dress, red shoes and even red knickers - her nana’s favourite colour. When she presses bear’s hand she heard nana’s voice and immediately bursted into tears.

It seems that the voice message Carlita placed inside the bear was left by Barbara on December 5, three weeks before she passed away from cardiac arrest.The grandmother’s voicemail says “Hiya Lauren it’s only Nana.Just calling to see if you’re ok pet. I’ll give you a ring later on. Ta-ra love. Love you, bye.”

Thanks to her loving friend, now Lauren can hold onto her grandmother’s memory and hear her voice anytime she wants!