Surfer Rides Monster Wave Off The Coast Of Portugal

Storyful Published January 21, 2018 2,861 Plays

Rumble The waters off the coast of Portugal are home to some of the biggest waves in the world, a dream for any passionate wave tamer. With waves known to hit a staggering 115 feet in height, who could resist them? This surfer sure couldn’t!

The daredevil is barely visible in the gripping footage, marked only by the white trail of foam that creates behind him as he slices through the water. Fearless Sebastian Steudtner caught this one perfectly, giving everyone present a masterclass in big wave surfing. Hats off!

Sebastian dwarfs in comparison to the huge blue wall, while he skirts around and under it. The crowds watching from shore are in awe with his performance and for a very good reason. On one of his Facebook posts, Sebastian wrote “Big wave surfing doesn't just require guts, it requires every ounce of passion and commitment in your body” and we couldn’t agree more!

In the footage from the Nazaré shoreline in the Silver Coast area of Portugal, the 32-year-old surfer looks in complete control of his board and beaming with passion.

He grew up in Nuremberg in Germany, a son of a German and an Austrian, but got his first taste of surfing at the age of nine. He began his career as a professional windsurfer seven years later, when he went to Maui. But without a steady income, Sebastian looked around for work, doing some construction while his passion for big wave surfing grew stronger.

In 2004 he met a personal goal, riding the Peahi off the coast of Maui. On December 15, the waves were nearly 70 feet tall! A year later he conquered Teahupoo, a wave off Tahiti known as the most dangerous in the world.

Credit: Javi Goya/Ura Films via Storyful