This might be the world's biggest BBQ smoker!

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Published: January 20, 2018Updated: January 23, 2018

Billy is a big man, and he has a big appetite. When he invites friends over for a BBQ and ribs, it's a big feast for a big group of friends. It's no surprise that Billy needed a big BBQ and smoker. But no matter where he looked, there just wasn't anything that could manage the job.

Being skilled with a welder, he decided that he would create the ultimate BBQ smoker. The problem is that, even Billy couldn't lug such a monster around. He decided on a solution that was sheer brilliance. This BBQ had to be built as its own trailer. It even has logs for handles.

You'll notice the huge barrel that can accommodate a side of beef or a side of pork. And while that's cooking away, grilling steaks on the BBQ grill to the left is no problem. It's wood or briquette fired and has four temperature gauges to help him control the heat. While cooking a side of beef in the main smoker, he can smoke a smaller chunk of pork or lamb in the rear smoker section. The food won't stop all day once the dinner bell rings.

Billy hooks the BBQ up to his truck and hauls it to where he needs it. It's even registered with the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario as a vehicle. Billy had one more problem. He wanted to take this BBQ to his cottage that is only accessible by boat. To manage this, he built an arm that extends above the BBQ and over the center of gravity so he can hoist it up and onto his pontoon boat. He floats it down the lake and parks it on the shore where he entertains his guests.

When this BBQ is fired up, every cottager on the lake knows it. The delicious smells can be picked up miles away.

Billy's BBQ smoker is a marvel of engineering and ingenuity and attending one of his summer parties is a memorable experience.

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