Soccer Team Ensures Teammate Will Never Be Forgotten

USATODAY_HumankindPublished: January 19, 2018
Published: January 19, 2018

Jonathan Taub had one dreadful thought going around in his head. The grief-stricken dad was fearing that his son Casey would be forgotten, after dying from a glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer, as just 16.

But in the difficult months that followed after Casey’s death, one thing was certain. Casey’s classmates and his teammates from the soccer team, will make sure that their friend will never fall in oblivion. “It took a while to settle in. We were all shocked, but eventually captains started talking and we came up with ideas for fundraisers. With everything that we did, we tried to incorporate Casey.” said junior Jack Riffkin, Casey’s peer.

Casey’s team was at soccer camp when they learned of his passing. They organized a moment of silence, before attending his funeral, everyone dressed in their game jerseys. On the first day of school, they organized a “blue out”, so that everyone can wear the color of Casey’s favorite team, Chelsea F.C. and on every game that the team played, they would wear his initials on their jerseys and his number 22 on their cleats.

Number 22 was a theme throughout the season and especially on the game on September 13, when the team organized a standing ovation at the 22nd minute. When the clock struck 22:22, senior captain Matt LaFortezza drilled a high arcing kick over the guest defense and into the goal, sending goosebumps down the spines of everyone present.— a goosebumps-inducing scene that no one who was present will ever forget.

The boys’ efforts meant a lot to Casey’s dad, doing everything they can to make sure that Mr. Taub’s worst fear will never realize.

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