Curious Dog Cannot Contain The Excitement When Ice Breaks Under Its Feet

StoryfulPublished: January 19, 2018126 views
Published: January 19, 2018

This is the adorable moment when dog is introduced to ice. Watch as this curious pooch loses its mind over the sense of ice breaking under his feet!

When low temperatures reached minus twenty degrees Fahrenheit in Charlestown, Rhode Island, some were very excited about the cold weather. This dog was no exception! Watch as he runs through dried puddles and crunches the sheets of ice with pure delight! This ecstatic pooch cannot contain his excitement.

Watching this excited dog playing with ice has warmed our hearts and gave us the best kind of winter inspiration! This curious pup doesn't need an icebreaker. He can do it all by himself, crunching them ice sheets and having the time of his life!

This is the heartwarming moment when this adorable pooch discovers the pleasure of breaking thin, crunchy sheets of ice! The feeling is amazing! This pooch found a new, better way to quick stress relief! Jumping on tiny ice sheets to break the icy surface! Does it get better than this?

It is adorable to watch this ecstatic canine run and jump with excitement as he is thrilled with the newly made discovery! He could do this whole day long!

The frigid cold temperatures in Charlestown, Rhode Island didn't stop this curious dog from stomping on ice, having a blast crunching through sheets of ice.This dog gets so excited when the ice on a shallow, frozen creek starts breaking underneath his feet and he goes nuts with the satisfying sensation! The shattering ice proves to be a nice hobby for this lovable canine.

Credit: u1stafterme via Storyful

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