This Kitty Is Actually One Of Africa's Fiercest Hunters

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Published: January 18, 2018

She might look all cute and fluffy, but Africa’s black-footed cat is one of nature’s deadliest hunters.

The smallest wild cat calls the dry savannas of South Africa her home. During the day, she rests in her burrows, waiting out for the scorching sun to set, so that she may go out and plan her next menu. She might look like a cuddly little furball, with the golden-colored fur dotted with black spots, but when the day turns to night, this fluffy kitty turns into the deadliest feline on the planet. Think Mr. Whiskers has it bad, with your wiggly toes under the covers? Think again!

The black-footed cat is half the size of your average Mr. Whiskers and despite being incredibly charismatic, Mr. Whiskers has nothing on this kitty’s hunting instinct. Not to mention her appetite!

She can walk up to 20 miles each night in search of the next course. Anything that is small and moves is the perfect catch for this little bugger, making rodents birds and insects the perfect meal. Up to 14 little animals will fall victim to this cat every night.

She may be terrible and climbing trees, what with her rotund shape, but when it comes to stalking and taking down her prey on the ground, she is the most outstanding hunter in the entire cat family.

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