These Simple Tips Make Parenting A Walk In The Park

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Published: January 18, 2018

Kids are awesome, but when they start to do stuff on their own, it can get pretty rough. Imagine having two kids around the same age! That is why parents have to stick together, so when someone comes up with a cool little cheat that makes parenting easier, they can share it with the rest of the parenting world!

With these 5 simple tricks, parenting becomes just another walk in the park!

When you have emptied your favorite lotion bottle, don’t toss it in the trash. With a few snips here and there, you can allow the bottle to help your kiddos wash their hands all on their own! Cut off the top half and make a hole in the bottom to fit your tap. It will bring the water closer to the tiny hands.

If you got a tool box that collects dust in the garage, you can put it to good use by cleaning it out and store toys and snacks inside for when you are on the go. Kids will love the finger food that comes out of that neat tool box!

Kiddos still miss which shoes goes on which foot? Take the insoles out and draw a half shape on each side, so that they form a whole when placed together. Learning left from right has never been more fun.

Make putting a coat on super fun by letting your kid put it on like a cape! Place the unzipped coat on a flat surface, with the neckline closer to the kid. Rather than putting left, then right arm in, they can put both in and toss the coat up and over, like a cape. So cool!

Still struggling with the bunny around the tree? Tying the shoelaces is that much easier when the bunny ears are prepped. Tuck the end of each lace back in the top hole, so that the kid will have no problem the knot them together.

Keep the circle going by sharing these tips with other parents!

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