After 112 Days Of Darkness, Puerto Ricans Jump For Joy As Power Finally Comes Back On

Caters_NewsPublished: January 18, 2018150 views
Published: January 18, 2018

A heartwarming video has emerged showing Puerto Rican pupils, teachers and staff jumping for joy after power finally comes back on in the wake of Hurricane Maria. After the staggering 112 days of learning in the darkness, children went ecstatic when the power miraculously turned on in their school.

Footage shows excited pupils, teachers and staff screaming and dancing in the school corridors because when the devastating Hurricane Maria struck on September 20th 2017, the majority of Puerto Rico was left without power, leaving pupils without education. The Academia Bautista de Puerto Nuevo, in San Juan, was no exception.

When darkness was replaced with light on January 11th, the 950 pupils attending the San Juan School joined together in a chorus of sheer euphoria, as they jumped, clapped, screamed and danced at the sight of their classrooms suddenly being illuminated. What a miraculous moment!

School director, Josué Gómez explained that they are feeling ‘blessed’ to be one of the few with access to electricity, despite four months having passed since the hurricane, administrative said. This is definitely an emotional moment for everyone as both pupils, teachers and staff gathered and some even shed tears of relief.

When Hurricane Maria, a category four storm struck Puerto Rico in September, initially claiming the lives of 64 people, but this figure is expected to be closer to 1,000.

Watching the sincere reaction of all Puerto Ricans as if all of their wishes had been granted at once makes us reconsider our desires in life. We see this as an opportunity to have eyes back on Puerto Rico, so that people don’t forget that they are still struggling with what should be basic!

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