People Are Being Blown Off Their Feet In Streets As Storm Hits The Netherlands

NewsflarePublished: January 18, 2018207 views
Published: January 18, 2018

This is the incredible moment an extremely strong gust of wind swept pedestrians off their feet in the Netherlands. Footage, filmed on January 18, shows two people falling to the ground and being pushed along by the force of the wind.

The Netherlands, like much of northwestern Europe, is being battered by a fierce storm. An extremely strong gust of wind swept pedestrians off their feet and pushed across the ground.

The storm was blowing things and people around and police had to assist people in moving around.

Footage shows as one man is blown off the sidewalk and into the street due to the gale wind. Watch as pedestrians and cyclists oppose fierce winds as a powerful storm lashed the Netherlands with winds of more than 90 mph.

Dramatic footage has captured people being literally blown across streets in the Netherlands. The winds are so strong that one man was blown across a square near the High Court of the Dutch town of S’Hertogenbosch.

When he eventually managed to stop, shocked passers-by rushed to his side to help him. With wind speeds of up to 86 mph in the country, Dutch authorities have warned people to remain indoors and not to attempt to venture out into the storm.

If you haven’t seen people flying in the street out of nowhere, you have never witnessed crosswind weather. The power of strong storm winds shouldn’t be underestimated!


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