Fennec Fox Is Reunited With His Feral Cat Best Friend

StoryfulPublished: January 18, 201817,958 views
Published: January 18, 2018

A heartwarming video has emerged of an unusual animal friendship that was formed between a fox and a cat. Video shows their friendship in action! Enjoy!

Rupert, a rescued wild fennec fox and William, a big black cat were two orphaned animals who arrived at the International Primate rescue center in South Africa as infants. They were raised together by volunteers, and Rupert was later socialized with a female fennec fox named Roxy. Roxy is now Rupert’s mate, but he still makes time to see William from time to time. It’s easy to see there’s still a remarkably close bond between these two.

Volunteers at the shelter captured this video footage of the two best friends being reunited after spending some time apart. Cats and foxes are cute on their own, but together, they reach a new level of adorable. Cuteness overload!

Watch how happy Rupert is to see his old friend William. He starts to get vocal and the sounds that he produces resemble to giggles. This foxy little cricket is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. It is hilarious how he approaches William and engages in fierce play.

It is hilarious how he tamed the ignorant cat, and now we see William cuddling and purring next to his buddy. It is because Rupert was hand-raised since he was 4 weeks old with William at his side. Ruper is clearly very excited to be reunited with his friend and having him by his side.Adorable!

Have you ever imagined that a wild cat and a fox can become the best of friends? After watching their cute encounter you will be shocked how firm the bond between the rescued fennec fox and the feral cat is and how strong their friendship has grown!

Credit: YouTube/IPRescue via Storyful

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