Crocodile Snags Fisherman's Catch At Cahill Crossing

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Published: January 17, 2018

Australia has always been known for all the creatures that can bring humans harm and that have been killing humans for as long as we know. If it isn't the big venomous spiders, then its the predator birds. If its not them, then it would be the hippos, elephants, tigers, and then would follow the lions. Ether way, in Australia, you will almost always find your self crossing your path with some animal that can and will bring you harm. Sometimes even with doing something as simple as fishing can get you into harms way.

A fisherman lost his catch to a crocodile in the Northern Territory's East Alligator River on September 12, much to the shock and bemusement of onlookers. Luke Robertson cast a line into the crocodile-infested waters near Cahills Crossing and snagged a 75 cm-long fish. "However, just as I was about to get close to the crossing a four-meter crock started chasing it", Robertson told NT News. "It was the biggest crock we'd seen down there". Seeing the predator close in on his catch, Robertson decided it was best to give it up. Cahills Crossing is one of Australia's most dangerous bodies of water as it is known to be a feeding ground for saltwater crocodiles, according to People have been killed by or stranded because of the reptiles.

This is a great story of the possibilities when we are out on the river just trying to enjoy the day and have some fun doing something as simple as fishing. However, the threat of getting eaten alive is even greater as population expands and the living grounds of wild animals shrink. So always keep your eye out for such predators that can definitely ruin your day.

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