Phelps the Hedgehog Undergoes Hydrotherapy to Become as Strong as His Namesake

StoryfulNews Published January 17, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble — A hedgehog that was rescued in Scotland as a juvenile and suffering from weak hind legs worked hard at building up his strength with some special hydrotherapy treatment. Phelps the hedgehog was filmed swimming with great enthusiasm by the Scottish SPCA, who is caring for him. The video was shared to Facebook on January 17. In a press release shared by the Scottish SPCA, wildlife rescue centre manager Colin Seddon said, “We continued his treatment over a seven day period and gradually Phelps regained the use of his hind legs and should be ready for release once the weather gets warmer.” The video had over 9,800 views at time of writing. Credit: Scottish SPCA via Storyful