Adorable Compilation Of Pets Enjoying A Royal Massage Treatment

StoryfulPublished: January 17, 2018
Published: January 17, 2018

This video of various pets receiving body massages is absolutely adorable. Is there a better method to cure your hump day blues? Check out this delightful video compilation of pets being given the Royal massage treatment!

Sometimes animals want to exhibit human behavioral traits. Whether it’s helping out around the house or trying to play an instrument, or even enjoying the delights of a nice body massage and react to ‘That’s the spot’!

A Husky dog is experiencing the delights of a nice head massage therapy while owner uses the stainless wire to give him a nice head scalp massage. Husky’s reactions to this fine sensation is absolutely priceless!

Out favorite is the lazy pug enjoying triple time the effect a massage can give, as humans scratch his fine fur with wooden backscratchers. The pug has fallen in deep nirvana judging by his extremely relaxed expression that caused his face to collapse, and his tongue to stick out, hanging down like a Christmas ornament!

A monkey is enjoying a facial massage, as his human is gently rubbing his eyelids, sending this cutie pie into dreamland!

Scratch my back and I will scratch yours! An energetic pug is putting so much effort into rubbing the back of his huge buddy. A massive dog can be seen laying on the floor, enjoying the fine backrub, deepening the fine sensation with his hind leg doing the scratch reflex over and over again!

Every dog seems to have one special spot that when scratched sends his back leg kicking like crazy. This response is called the ‘scratch reflex’ that when rubbed or scratched too hard or too lightly might create an itching sensation.

Credit: Various via Storyful

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