Brave Diver Gets Up Close And Personal With Wild Crocodile

Caters_NewsPublished: January 17, 201882 views
Published: January 17, 2018

Crocodiles are one of the most dangerous predators in the world. They lie in wait in shallow waters, waiting for their next pray. The unsuspecting victim won’t even know what happens to them when these enormous beasts creep close to them and attack them. It is so hard to believe that an animal of that size can actually move so swiftly and quietly as this one does.

This brave diver filmed a wild crocodile right up close – after it slipped into the water with him and he could not take his eyes off it. Sven Bernet, from Liechtenstein, was scuba diving around an archipelago off the Cuban shore when the crocodile slid into the water from a mangrove. Before entering the water, he was taught to always look at the croc in the eyes and stay as calm as possible. Agitation is the surefire way to become the new target of this dinosaur successor.

What people tend to forget is that crocodiles are amphibians which means that they consider both land and water their natural environment, and because the viscosity of the water helps them feel lighter than on the ground, they are actually much faster. Plus, having a pretty strong and long extremity, also known as their tail, helps out as well.

Sven is no stranger to wild animals. He has swum with all sorts of sharks and he loved it. However, he says that this crocodile encounter was the most thrilling of them all. He managed to film it, all the while making sure not to draw too much attention by kicking up the sand. Well done Sven!

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