Ten-Year-Old Experiences Whirlwind Of Emotions When Big Brother Comes To Visit

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Published: January 17, 2018

This is the emotional moment when a loving brother comes to surprise his little sister when she least expects it. Footage shows the ten-year-old expencing a whirlwind of emotions, throwing temper tantrum at her mother. Moments later, her moody behavior is immediately stopped as she sees her soldier brother standing behind her and she rushes in to throw herself in his arms!

Having a family member in the military can be hard on the entire family. Little Lundyn has experienced this pain for some time now as has been missing her big brother, who is serving in the military. Little did she know that her brother has been longing to come home so badly, so he took the first chance he got to come home early. Of course, he wanted to surprise Lundyn so with the help of their mother Tameia he planned a nice surprise.

Footage shows little Lundyn Harvey returning home after school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and throwing a temper tantrum at her mother. The plan was for mom to pick Lundyn up from school and her big brother to be waiting around the corner to surprise his sweet little sister.

Things were going well until Ludyn found out that her other brother was getting a new phone and got very upset. We can see her acting out in the street with her grumpy face on, throwing a sassy strop in public. She kept on complaining about that, saying that it is unfair for her sibling to receive a new phone, and not her. The nagging kept going on and on until she was stopped by something unexpected.

The moment little Lundyn saw her brother standing behind her, she was swept off her feet by the wonderful surprise. She dropped her act and forgot about her problems, and immediately leapt into her big brother’s arms.

Footage showcases the heartwarming moment when Lundyn falls into her brother’s arms and shows the world the incredible bond she shares with him. The surprise this big brother set took the internet by storm. Watching the joy on this little girl’s face when she sees her big brother will fill your heart with joy.

As the two siblings share a nice, long hug, shredding tears of joy, their mother is recording this wonderful moment. What an emotional encounter!

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