Family's Hilarious Overreaction to Trivia Game Win

StoryfulPublished: January 15, 2018
Published: January 15, 2018

Danielle filmed her family playing the popular gaming app HQ Trivia. When the family realized that Danielle’s brother was on a winning streak, the room fell silent. After he answered the last question correctly, the entire family jumped out of their seats and went crazy! The uploader’s mom added, “It was a rather unusual Thursday as our oldest daughter (Danielle) was home from college, our twins (Kaylie and Kyle) had an unexpected snow day from high school, and my husband and I both stayed home as well because of the weather. We were all in the living room playing the live HQ game on our phones. We all were eliminated early in the game except for Kyle who kept getting the questions right. When it got to the last question, Kaylie turned on her phone without any of us knowing it to film his reaction in case he won (which somehow he did!)” Credit: dcrock_82 via Storyful

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