Man Feeds Massive Pregnant Tiger Shark By Hand

NewsflarePublished: January 14, 2018387 views
Published: January 14, 2018

As far as sharks go, for those of us who happen to live close to the shore or even visit over the summer, we've been told to always keep an eye out for all the dangers that the big blue has to offer. Not to go fire off into the ocean due to deep waters and all mystery that might hide within. Especially stay away from any big fish and never, ever, do you go in the water if you see something that has a huge fin on its back.

For some of us however, it is the urge to get close up and personal with the threat in the hope to achieve great rush and adrenaline and feel more alive then ever. These people are usually the ones that you see on TV possibly under the accident part of the show or even sometimes under the hero's list. There is really no telling what is going to happen once you actually get this close to such a powerful being such as the shark.

This diver was feeding some small lemon sharks in the Bahamas when a huge, pregnant tiger shark crashed the party. Despite her size and tiger shark's fearsome reputation, she behaved well and even allowed the diver to stroke her back. If anyone is to say that they have had a good streak of luck in the past while, they'd be wrong, cause once you take a look at how lucky this diver happens to be, you'd be amazed.

Take a look at his truly incredible story!

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