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Rumble Christian business owners and entrepreneurs do tremendous good for their local communities and our great nation. The majority of jobs in the USA are created by small business owners and a large percentage are Christian businesses. In addition, the vast majority of faith-filled entrepreneurs support many church and charity endeavors, so consumers have the tremendous satisfaction in knowing they are doing business with individuals and companies that wisely use their resources to help people in need.

We at Wisdom Vision have a desire to unite Christian business owners in a fashion that would help all who participate to do even greater good for church and charity organizations. Individually, we can serve God in a wonderful manner, but united we can do unprecedented good and bring the “Good News” of Jesus Christ to the entire world.

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The Wisdom Vision Christian Business Network offers free tools, strategies, resources and networks to help Christian entrepreneurs maximize current business operations and also supplement their outreach and income plans. Our objective is to help provide even more resources to participants that can then be directed to grow their businesses and subsequently increase donations to worthy causes.

Free Monetization and Syndication Tools

Free monetization and syndication resources are ready for you to begin using immediately. Every business needs a content distribution plan. You must distribute interesting information that people need and will want to share. Get your free platforms that allow one-button publishing to numerous channels. Save time while gaining maximum exposure. Couple your new free syndication tools with free monetization platforms and this win-win combination can take your business endeavors to the next level. In addition to the fact that we love Christian entrepreneurs, we must state again that we desire to maximize your potential so you can grow your philanthropic and charitable endeavors.

Wisdom Vision Business Ministry

We at Wisdom Vision have a passion to help: feed the hungry, clothe the poor, provide clean water to the thirsty, shelter the homeless, care for those with illnesses and diseases, care for the mentally and physically challenged, care for widows and orphans, care for wounded warriors and injured first responders and their families, minister to prisoners, end human trafficking, and many other worthy causes. Millions have these same passions to serve, and we can all do more as powerful teams and organized groups.

Wisdom Vision Global Philanthropy Initiative

One of the main “Business Ministry” objectives of “Wisdom Vision” is to enhance global philanthropy in the form of funding for, and encouraging more volunteers for, church and charity organizations that care for those in need. You will discover the exciting details of how your business can take part in this incredible plan and glorify God even more with the work that you do.

Another exciting aspect of this grand plan is that your family, friends, employees, customers, fans, clients, supporters and even your followers on social media can take an active or passive part in this Global Philanthropy Initiative without incurring additional costs. It just requires that we do the same things we do on a daily basis, but doing them smarter. You and they will enjoy working together on things of great importance to make our communities, our nation and the world better. Your business will grow, because you are helping them to grow. We believe…

“It is in giving that we find our true purpose for living!”

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