Three Men With Ninja-Like Skills Use Teamwork To Climb Up A High Wall

NewsflarePublished: January 13, 20182,000 views
Published: January 13, 2018

An amazing video has emerged of three men teaming up to climb a 160 inches high wall in Xi'an, China. This is the incredible moment three men act like ninjas and climb a highwall without a safety harness in less than five seconds. Using teamwork, they lend each other a helping hand and conquer the brick wall in no time, much to onlookers’ disbelief.

The footage, shot in 2015, shows two of the men jumping on a third man's back to reach the top of the wall. The third man then takes a running jump himself and grabs onto the leg of one of the others to haul himself to the top of the wall. According to local media the men are training to become armed police, therefore, their ninja-like skills are expected.

Footage taken by a nearby witness captured the amazing moment when these skilled men use teamwork to get on the other side of a high wall. Watch as one man kneels down just to make a safety harness for his fellow climbers to stand on his back and use it as a stepping stone to nudge them up the wall. Immediately after the two men hop on man’s back and get themselves up the brick wall, the kneeling fellow walks the necessary distance and speeds up just to use his fellow’s leg as a rope to climb his body up the wall. This training exercise might look easy when these skilled men are performing it, but it sure is a mission impossible to untrained individuals.

We cannot help but wonder what would have happened if the second man lost his grip when the third men hung from his leg, and both of them fell to the ground. Broken bones would have been all over the place. Of course, practice makes it perfect, and there is no doubt that these men had some serious training in order to master the technique and conquer the wall.

Many people take up indoor climbing to tame their adrenaline rush, but one has to have great balancing skills and over two years of climbing experience in order to take up the challenge to try and conquer a 160 inches high wall without a harness.

Talking about climbing walls, an inspiring video has emerged of a 34-year-old woman with spastic cerebral palsy climbing a rock-climbing wall.The footage, shot on July 26 in Colorado Spring, shows the woman climbing the wall with the help of an instructor while her friends encourage her from the ground.

She describes herself as a 34-year-old with spastic cerebral palsy, severe asthma, an impaired immune system and a fighting spirit. This video was taken at Camp Discovery a camp for women wheelchair users to defy their limits, and she firmly believes life in wheels doesn’t have to slow you down, in her case it sped her up. In addition, she also plays murderball for the Houston TIRR Texans, and hosts a WCMX program, WCMX Houston hosted by Living Beyond Boundaries. We only get one go at life so why not live it to the fullest, right? This trek up the wall earned her the "Spiderman" award at camp Discovery 2017. Truly inspiring story!

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