Girl Plays The Imperial March Using Only Pencil And Paper

Storyful Published January 12, 2018 4,554 Plays

Rumble We can only imagine the story coming up in this girl’s brain: “Once upon a time, in a maths lesson far, far away…” Maths teachers have been banging their heads against the blackboard to try and make the subject more fun for students. It seems that it only took a complex problem such as this one and one very dedicated Star Wars fan!

Danielle Ochoa is the mastermind behind this solution! While studying some equations for her degree in optical engineering, the 19-year-old came across something incredibly peculiar about the way her pencil sounded while scratching the lead on the paper.

“I was in the middle of a math problem, and I had written the term “x+4″ about three times when I realized ‘hey, that definitely sounds like the beginning of the Cantina song’,” said the pencil composer. “I sent a recording to some friends, who encouraged me to expand on it, which I did over the course of an hour until it sounded just right.”

Dani didn’t stop just at the Cantina song. Through trial and error, she also managed to compose the Imperial March, using just a standard lead pencil and a piece of paper. And, of course, her vast knowledge of mathematical problems.

“The Cantina Theme came first,” said Dani. “After posting to Reddit, people kept asking for more. Being an indulgent procrastinator, I happily obliged. These equations aren’t anything significant, but my area of study does involve mathematics, and a ton of it. I was in the middle of studying calculus when this whole thing began.”

But, it turns out that Dani isn’t really a Star Wars fan. The reason why she knew the Cantina song is because she played the the Star Wars Pod Racing game on the N64. “That game was my favorite! I think I would really enjoy Star Wars though, I’ve been meaning to have a marathon!”

Credit: Dani Ochoa via Storyful