These Animals Love Sharing Hugs With Humans

StoryfulPublished: January 12, 2018593 views
Published: January 12, 2018

Enjoying a loving embrace is one of the best moments you can share with your animal friend. Whether your animal friend is a fluffy Cocker Spaniel or a chilled out grizzly bear, there are hugs all round!

Take sweet Jimbo, for example. He has nothing but love for his owner, Jim. The 23-year-old kodiak bear was orphaned and injured as a youngster. Due to his injuries as a cub, Jimbo has been provided sanctuary for life and loves his adoptive family at the Orphan Wildlife Center. The bear weighs 1400 lb and towers over his owner at a height of about 10 feet. Still, Jim doesn’t let the size of Jimbo stop him from showing his affection for the cuddly creature.

The other animals in the compilation have nothing on Jimbo’s towering stature, but that doesn’t mean that hugs with them are anything less sweet! Whenever a pet gets to see you after a long while, it is only natural that they will refuse to leave your side.

We can’t really decide which ones are the sweetest (other than sweet, old Jimbo, of course). Maybe the Golden retriever that keeps asking for scratches on the paw? Nah, it’s the Cocker Spaniel and his adorable smile in the hands of his owner.

What are we talking about, they are all tooth-rotting cute!

Credit: Various via Storyful

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