Schoolboy hijacks digger, knocks down iron gate

NewsflarePublished: January 12, 2018
Published: January 12, 2018

A schoolboy in China hijacked a digger and knocked down an iron gate after he climbed into a digger.

The CCTV video, filmed in Suzhou City in eastern Jiangsu Province on January 2, shows an 11-year-old boy carrying a schoolbag walking into the digger and operating it, digging up trees and the iron gate down.

The boy stops the vehicle, gets out and walks away.

A worker on a construction site informed the digger's driver, known only as Zhang, and called the police.

The police said: "Even if you stop the digger here, you have to lock the door."

Zhang replied: "I'm doing work here, I need to use it all the time. Could you please check the security camera to see who drives it?"

According to local news, the schoolboy was Zhang's neighbour and he learnt how to drive the digger by watching him at work.

The boy's parents said they would compensate for the damage.

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