The Power of Christ Compels Grandma to Douse Everything in Holy Water - Even the Dog

StoryfulNewsPublished: January 11, 2018
Published: January 11, 2018

A grandma from Angleton, Texas, is a big fan of throwing holy water onto things in a bid to keep bad spirits away, and a video shared on January 8 proves that nothing is safe from her religious ways. The video was shared by Krissy Saderlich (which was filmed by her sister, Nicole), and it shows her grandmother blessing their pet dog, Sadie. Sadie doesn’t seem to mind much as she’s sprinkled with the essence of the holy spirit. When the dousing is done, Saderlich’s grandma blesses herself and walks away, presumably to protect more of the family’s members from evil demons. Credit: Nicole Sardelich via Storyful

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