Kids in rowing boat try to catch runaway pig stuck in river

NewsflarePublished: January 11, 2018Updated: January 13, 2018
Published: January 11, 2018Updated: January 13, 2018

This was the amusing scene when a runaway pig gave kids in a rowing boat the run-around after they tried to catch him when he got stuck in a river.

The 200lbs Vietnamese pot-bellied named ‘Prince’ escaped his enclosure in the middle of the night in Chachoengsao, Thailand, last Sunday.

But the porker’s getaway was foiled after he ambitiously tried to swim across a river which was swollen from recent heavy rain.

Passing children heard the pig squealing for help the next day and jumped into the water in a rowing boat to try and capture Prince - but video footage shows how he gave them the run-around.

Each time the youngsters got close to Prince, he paddled away down the river in an hour-long chase.

The kids alerted resident monks at the local temple a few hundred yards away where Prince had escaped from and villagers arrived to haul the pig to safety.

Prince put up a fight - and seven men were needed to pull the screeching hog from the water using monks’ robes as make-shift winches as the pig wriggled and kicked to avoid going home. He eventually made it back to the pen after tiring.

Head monk Nattapong Sopon, 53, said: ‘’Prince weighs more than 200lbs. He’s the biggest pig we have. He was very exhausted after his adventure. I don’t know if he’s happy about going back to his pen but he’ll get to eat a lot more food at the temple than he could find outside in the wild. He’ll settle down again soon.''

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