Slippery Road Causes Convoy Of Trucks To Spin In Succession

NewsflarePublished: January 11, 2018121,689 views
Published: January 11, 2018

It must be hard for those who literally live off the road. Drivers of all calibers have their office and desk on the asphalt concrete and their entire livelihood depends on the good conditions on the road. So when things start slipping, they have the hardest part, as this video will prove.

A security camera in China has captured the bizarre moment three identical lorries skidded one after another on a wet road.

The remarkable clip, which was filmed on Monday in Longyan City in southeastern China's Fujian Province, shows an uphill road that is completely wet during a day of heavy rain. Longyan City is a mountainous city, so there is bound to be some ice on the roads in January. Three dump trucks appear from the far side of the road, heading into the camera’s direction.

As the first truck starts to take the curve of the road, is starts slipping and skids to the side, right towards the lip of the road, where the mountain begins. Probably in an attempt to slow down his vehicle and prevent further damages, the drive slams on the breaks, making the heavy truck spin full circle around its axle.

What makes this footage really interesting is that this truck in the first in a convoy of three. As soon as they reach their leader, each one of the succeeding trucks spins in the same fashion. The identical second and third truck, which were following close behind, hit the same slippery patch and start the same counterclockwise rotation.

At one point, all three lorries are spinning simultaneously, almost as though carrying out some kind of synchronized routine. No-one was injured in the accident.

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