Heartwarming Clip Shows Homeless Boy Getting A Bed Of His Own

Published January 11, 2018 5,166 Views

Rumble Every kid has their own biggest wish. Some want the new iPhone, others want a new bike. But a boy in Detroit had only one wish - that he had a normal bed to sleep in. For the past eight years, which coincidentally is how long Daeyrs has been on this planet, he and his mom Dionna have spent their days moving from one homeless shelter to another, after the mom had lost her job and subsequently, her home.

After spending years flitting shelters, the trainee nurse and her son were finally granted state housing, but another problem surfaced. They were unable to furnish their home with more than two camp chairs and a blow-up mattress.

Daeyrs has been wanting a bed of his own for so long, but now, thanks to a charity organization called Humble Design, his dream will become a reality. As soon as the lucky duo stepped through the front door, their mouth hung open when they saw their living room furnished to the finest detail.

But just a few short days before Christmas, Deayrs was told to cover his eyes before walking into his bedroom. There, a surprise that was eight years in the making was waiting for the little hero. His room was furnished to his liking, filled with chairs, cushions, toys and an art set he really wanted. In the middle of it all was Daeyrs’s very own bed!

The self-proclaimed ‘man of the house’ threw himself in his mom’s arms, crying out “thanks you” to the people of Humble Design through teary eyes.

According to Treger Strasberg, the founder of Humble Design, all the items provided to the small family, from curtains to kitchen appliances, have been donated to their warehouse. Her organisation helped a total of 169 families to transition from homeless and abuse shelters to their own homes in 2017 alone.

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