Dashcam Captures Florida Driver's Lucky Recovery From Spin

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Published: January 10, 2018

Dashcam footage captured the moment a driver recovered from spinning out of control on Interstate 95 in Palm Beach, Florida, on January 9. The driver lost control of the car while trying to avoid hitting another motorist approaching from behind during a lane change.

Iftach Shimonovtic captured this terrifying moment and shared the incident on Facebook featuring the dramatic encounter with CBS12. He was driving southbound on I-95 just north of 10th Avenue where a car in front of him spun out of control. The caption read: “My dash cam caught one lucky guy today.” He is lucky, all right!

Footage shows a motorist driving on I-95 in South Florida. Moments later things take a wild turn.

A grey car appears to change lanes in front of another car, but somehow manages to avoid the car and moves over to another lane in time.The grey car swerves back out of the lane and briefly loses control, spinning around three lanes and barely missing another oncoming car. Crazy!

Even though it appears that no one was hurt, this is one very close call for that driver and all the motorists around the car. Watch as the car starts to spin wildly out of control before it gracefully recovers without crashing and stopping traffic. Both amazing and insane! What happened to this driver that made him lose control over the vehicle? Let’s hope that the unfavorable turn of events ended without any incident.

Watching this gray car attempting to change lanes but instead swerving and spinning wildly out of control across three lanes left us for words and showed us that car accidents can happen in a split second. Maybe the driver got distracted and forgot to keep his eyes on the road. Luckily nobody got hurt. In addition, we have got to give it up for his amazing driving skills, as he maneuvers the vehicle like in action movies, without crashing or scratching it.

It is good that the driver stayed calm and skillfully recovered within moments and without incident. This incredible video will leave you spinning and wondering how no one got hurt.

Do you think the driver of the car tried to change lanes or he drifted over to the next lane and after realizing there was a car in that lane, he swerved to avoid a collision? Anyways, the swift maneuver sent the driver's car spinning and drifting into four lanes of traffic, before continuing on with the flow of traffic.

Credit: Iftach Shimonovitc via Storyful

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