Reporter's Lemur Shoot Went Horribly, Hilariously Wrong

USATODAY_Animalkind Published January 10, 2018 521 Plays

Rumble Reporters from the BBC always seem to be up to something – getting lost in the studio, mocking the Royal Palace, being pranked, or, in this case, getting mobbed by lemurs. You think they have it easy? Well, think again, because what we are about to show you proves they have anything but!

One reporter from the BBC had to report from the Banham ZOO in Norfolk. His report gained online notoriety because of the outtakes, featuring him getting into an unexpected tangle with a bunch of leaping lemurs. Defence reporter Alexander Dunlop can be seen standing in the lemur exhibit, reporting on a story about the number of animals at the zoo when eight of those eager primates mobbed him between takes. We swear we saw King Julien in there somewhere!

Dunlop retweeted the video of the outtakes after it went viral with the original tweet by BBC show Look East. His caption? “Give our BBC online team an inch and they’ll take a country mile.” We think our caption says it best - this is how moms with multiple kids feel like. All the jumping, screaming, tugging and biting….it must be fun! (not)

He also joked how he managed to report on location during violence in the Middle East and that he left Iraq and Afghanistan unscathed, but couldn’t escape NR16 (a postal code area in the U.K.) without a few battle wounds.