Talented Football Trickster Smashes World Record By Controlling A Ball Dropped From 136ft

Caters_NewsPublished: January 10, 2018568 views
Published: January 10, 2018

An incredible video has emerged showing the moment a talented football trickster breaks a world record formerly held by Theo Walcott and Lionel Messi, by controlling a ball dropped from 136 feet in the air, before performing a set of dazzling skills.

While fans across the world remain divided between who’s better player, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, this football freestyler can now brag that he is better than both of them at controlling a dropped ball.

John Farnworth, who has been performing soccer skills for over 14 years, claims to have controlled a ball dropped from 136 feet in the air, followed by a series of dazzling football tricks in Widnes, Liverpool. Previously, Theo Walcott managed to control a ball dropped from 111ft, and now John is the new record-breaker!

He hired a crane and aimed at performing an impossible task of controlling a ball dropped from 136 feet up in the air on a windy evening. He claims to have controlled a football dropped from a height of 105 feet in 2016, hense doubling the world record of 59.1 feet set by Messi.

In addition, Luis Suarez also attempted to balance a football dropped from incredible heights when he reportedly controlled a ball dropped from 115.7 feet in 2016.

It is because he couldn’t see the ball during the last 20 feet, due to its velocity, John was deeply frustrated after his eight unsuccessful attempts to control the ball. Luckily, the ninth time proved to be a charm!

Watch as John brings the ball down with exquisite control before launching into a mesmerizing array of flicks, tricks and a maneuver called ‘Around The World’. He scored with flying colors and proved that he is indeed a very talented football trickster. Great job, champ!

Although, he admitted that he was a little bit nervous because it was windy and the ball was spinning in free fall, John proved amazing skills at controlling the ball falling from above! Thumbs up!

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