Violent storm throws P&O cruise about, smashing crockery

NewsflarePublished: January 10, 2018
Published: January 10, 2018

Passengers and crew on board the P&O Ventura out of Southampton has some hairy moments recently when the cruise ship was battered by 100-knot winds.

A video filmed in the main dining room on December 10 shows staff clinging to the fixtures as the ship lists badly. The sound of all the tableware smashing can be heard.

A group of passengers from the UK hold on tightly to their wine glasses, trying their best to enjoy the meal under testing circumstances.

"Seated passengers' chairs toppled over spilling elderly passengers on to the floor," the filmer later wrote online.

"The listing was such, and becoming slowly worse, that I began to fear the ship may actually go over," he added.

"Only after about 25-30 minutes did the Bridge finally speak up and advise we had been hit by a side on '100-knot wind squall' and they had been turning the ship into the wind."

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