'Fearless' Duckling Cuddles With Adorable Kitten Friends

StoryfulPublished: January 9, 2018635 views
Published: January 9, 2018

There is nothing more adorable than a bunch of furry animals sharing hugs and kisses between one another. This story especially is unique for the unusual friendship. At first we have four kittens that are just eager for cuddles and lots of love when all of a sudden runs in the adorable ducky! As the kittens are too busy doing their own bonding, this special duck comes in to get some kisses and hugs for it self.

Quite the story of an unusual friendship. Cats are known for their predator like nature where as the duck is always the one running for safety as far as possible from such predators. In this case though we see a completely different situation. This duckling happens to be the last hatched egg and possibly why it's the most fearless one. Some might say luck is what this duckling has but take a look again. It seems that over time, these bunch of cuties have managed to become quite the heartwarming family.

It seems as if this duck has even been jealous of how close these kittens are and has not been able to resist on joining. And so that's exactly what the ducky decides to do. After brief moments of carefully examining the situation, she quickly runs in to cuddle.

Take a look as she happens to be very good at it!
Too cute!

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