Horses Regret Their Decision The Minute They Step In Snow

USATODAY_Animalkind Published January 9, 2018 34,047 Plays

Rumble Some people can handle the cold, and some people can’t. We have all been there. The snow looks amazing and perfect from the inside, while you sip some hot cocoa in front of the fireplace. The snow makes you want to go outside and make a snowman, and enjoy the snow with some fun games.

Until you go outside and realize that all of that was a terrible idea and that you should have stayed home enjoying your hot cocoa. That’s what happened with this horses, and the Internet can’t stop laughing at their reaction after the owner let them out on the snow. So funny!

Watching the snow fall is just so enchanting. The first one of the season is always the most magical. Snow might lose some of its glitters after you get buried in the stuff one too many times. But, animals can show us that they are still in the “honeymoon stage” of their relationship with snow. While seeing it for the first time and introducing themselves with the white glitter, all they can see is fun, and it can do no wrong. Unless you are one of these two horses.

In a video posted on January 4, a man captures the moment he lets out his horses out of the barn to stretch their legs. There is a catch though - it has been snowing the previous night, and now there is more than a foot of snow on the ground.

The moment the door flings open, the two gorgeous horses walk outside without a single shred of doubt. Both of them make no more than five or six steps, before realizing the cold, hard truth. It is still snowing! They were initially so excited after being let out of their stalls by their owner, dressed in their coats. However, after taking a few steps into the snow, they realized how cold it was and immediately went back into the barn.

Not everyone can be like this horse, who was frolicking around in the white powder the minutes her owners let her out!

At first, they were probably thinking that they would go out, have a walk, get some fresh air, however, that was not exactly what happened. When they realized that outside of the barn is cold, they arrived in the barn in the same second. Nope, not today! Neigh-vermind, they will chill at home today, no need for a walk and fresh air!

If are taking care of horses, you should know a couple of tips to use during winter time. Primarily, you have to make sure their stable is warned and also provide them warm water, as they need to drink more water in winter.

Also, you need to feed them new hay during extreme cold and make sure there is access to their shelter. Many owners choose to blanket their horses during winter, just like these two horses in the video. Make sure you also check their hooves as they can often be covered with ice.