Big Brother Knows The Best Way To Calm Down Baby Sister

USATODAY_AlltheMomsPublished: January 9, 201816,822 views
Published: January 9, 2018

Every girl would be lucky to have a brother; younger or older, it doesn’t matter. The support you get from a sibling cannot be compared with anything in the whole white world and this little girl has felt it first hand. When mom and dad took her to the doctor’s office for her regular check up, she felt uneasy. Lucky for her she had someone very close to keep her calm.

Some experts say that siblings born close to each other's age develop the strongest bond. Some also say that having a big brother is the greatest thing for a baby girl. This video shows just how much this big brother already loves his little sister as he makes an effort to stop her crying. He even does it in the most adorable way.

With the baby girl in his lap and her thumb in her mouth, the boy rocks her back and forth, just like mommy would in the same situation. The girl looks blissfully calm in her big brother’s arms. And why wouldn’t she? Even though she is so young, she feels the bond between them run deep and strong. Nothing will ever stand between these two and we are glad it is so.

Big brothers are always there to show moral support to their baby siblings, just like one brave little guy did. When four-year-old Declan and one-year-old Raleigh went through the automatic car wash with their mom, the baby girl felt strongly about the whooshing noise that happened in there. Luckily, the kind brother was there to calm her down.

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