South Korean Moving Company Uses Platform To Make Moving Easier

StoryfulPublished: January 9, 2018795 views
Published: January 9, 2018

In South Korea, there is a way of moving without having to drag your possessions up and down the entire building. A moving truck parks outside the house and a platform rises from the back of the truck and stops beside the balcony. With the help of a team of movers, everything is packed and loaded onto the elevator and brought down safely and securely to the truck, ready for its next destination!

YouTuber Carl Kwan shot this video while visiting his sister's apartment in Korea. As much as we would all love to believe that Seoul is the cyberpunk city of the future, South Koreans aren't the only people who rely on this method for transporting big pieces of furniture. According to the comments in the original video, it's also common in Belgium and Germany.

Carl filmed this video for one his viewers named Shawn, in order to show him how the moving truck worked. At the end of what looks like a very big vehicle is a hydraulic beam with a platform on it that can extend up to the 15th floor of a building. That makes moving things like chunky furniture, mattresses and other heavy objects far easier than done on food along endless corridor and staircases.

Jerry also mentions that this platform is actually very slow, usually they are much faster. Seoul might not be the cyberpunk city we imagine, but it is pretty damn close!

Credit: Carl Kwan via Storyful

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