We Are Swooning Over This Color Changing Octopus

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Published: January 9, 2018

The star of this amateur documentary is gentleman with eight hands who is a master of disguise. He is so good, you have to see it to believe it.

A scuba diver turned the spotlight to an octopus resting in the coral bed when he saw that the sea creature’s was changing colors. He followed the mollusk with the camera, causing the creature to change to every possible color he could manage. Apparently, he thought that the big eye staring at him was some sort of predator and he gave his best shot to camouflage himself into the surroundings.

Hector Seguin Jr, 52, captured the astonishing footage whilst scuba diving at Ewa Pinnacles, O’ahu, Hawaii. The honolulu native said: “The octopus is trying it’s best to camouflage itself, as octopuses have pigment cells called chromophores in their skin, which means they can control the colour and patterns on their skin. They change their colour in an attempt to camouflage themselves from predators.

“It was pretty incredible to see this happen right in front of my eyes – all creatures of the undersea world are amazing in their own way.”

This baby octopus has just hatched and he is already a master of disguise. In a curious video posted by the Virginia Aquarium on their Twitter feed, a baby Caribbean octopus, no bigger than the nail on your pinky finger, hatches from a bundle of eggs that look like a fragile bouquet. You will notice that right away it changed color, going from a milky white to a bright purple.

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