Celine Dion Reacts Calmly To A Fan Storming On Stage During Las Vegas Performance

StoryfulPublished: January 8, 20183,032 views
Published: January 8, 2018

A heartwarming video has emerged of famous Canadian singer Celine Dion responding calmly to a fan storming on a stage during her performance. She received a round of applause for her kind reaction to a woman storming her stage at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, on January 5th.

Footage shows the female fan standing close to Dion, trying to hug and kiss her. The woman even humped Dion at one point leading to security guards to come running and intervening. Watch as Dion treats this tipsy fan with respect and she calmly explains that it is in fact 2018 and a change needs to be made. Apparently, they have something in common and need to fight for their babies.

Strangely, they are both wearing gold and Celine says that is a sign! Moments later, the woman was eventually escorted off stage by security, at which point the Canadian singer hilariously collapsed on the floor on purpose. Watch as the audience cheers and claps for Dion, who thanked her fans for their patience and compassionately said that some people go through a lot and need to talk.

It is good that Celine Dion was quick to act and knew how to deal with this stage-invading fan, not showing any signs of fear or disturbance. She is indeed a great professional!

The talented singer took her time to talk with this seemingly drunk fan. Reportedly, the woman got on stage and talked about her son who needed a bone marrow transplant and asked everyone there to become a donor.

Instead of having the fan bundled off stage by security, Dion engaged in a friendly talk with this woman, showing both compassion and humor. Many have applauded Dion's handling of the situation and she earned a lot of respect as well!

Credit: Ramona G. Almirez via Storyful

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