This Husky's Love For Her Newborn Human Is Too Much

USATODAY_AnimalkindPublished: January 8, 2018Updated: January 9, 201819,113 views
Published: January 8, 2018Updated: January 9, 2018

If you didn’t believe in love at first site, then have we got the clip for you. All you naysayers will have your words handed to you after you see the amount of love this dog has for her newborn human!

Millie the Husky is a huge sensation on Instagram, with her need to hug and cuddle with her owners. Her and her Husky brother Rupert are huge, but after this clip, he will fall behind in the shade of what you are about to see.

Husky dogs are known for their pack instinct, so much so that human fear it might make them dangerous to a newborn baby. But in this adorable footage, shown in Millie’s home in Manchester, shows the loving pooch gently nuzzling the newest arrival to her family - a tiny baby boy.

Sweet Millie stares into the baby’s eyes, while the baby’s mom gently strokes her on the head and gives her warm praises. The charming Husky then turns to her first love, her owner, who is recording the sweet moment and looks at him with those big brown eyes that have made her famous in the first place.

When the baby is removed from the dog's reach, Millie looks heartbroken and pushes her pointed ears back in alarm. She is in shock that they won’t allow her to nuzzle her new brother! But when they bring the baby back she is calmer again, knowing that they baby boy is hers to protect once again!

Huskies are a protective breed with a strong pack instinct. This makes them highly protective, especially of their young.

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