Dog Stops Owner From Having Any More Wine

NewsflarePublished: January 8, 2018826 views
Published: January 8, 2018

There are some of us who would like nothing more than to have a nice bottle of wine waiting for them at home after a long day at the office. You pop the cork and pour yourself a glass or two. Ah, instant bliss.

But there are days when one glass does next to nothing to bring that bliss, you drastic measures have to be taken. You either look for a bigger glass or you come back for seconds, then thirds, fourths...before you know it, the bottle is empty and you just know that your noggin will be throbbin’ at the desk in the mornin’. If only there was someone who would sit beside us, to slap us on the wrist when we have had even just one too many?

This woman from the UK seems to have found just the right kind of ‘someone’ to tell them when it is time to put the cork back in the bottle. In this video, shot somewhere in the north west of England last year, we see Jackson the pooch sitting attentively at his owner’s side as they are enjoying their grape juice.

But just as the owner reaches out for the glass, Jackson puts his paw on the owner’s hand and pushes it out of the way. It is brilliant, really. You feed it just enough, it is fun when it wants to and it is very serious when it needs to.

Always listen to a man’s best friend.

Dogs may not shake their cute heads in disapproval, but they do definitely look funny when caught in slow motion with their funny floppy ears, Watch this puppy in slow motion shows off its floppy ears!

This video is complete cuteness overload! Puppies might be the cutest thing on the planet, but when you take adorable footage of a puppy playing a tug of war with a toy and slows it down, the cuteness level increases another hundred percent!

Check out this puppy's adorable floppy ears as it plays with a toy in slow motion. This golden retriever puppy is so adorable shaking his head back and forth as he pulls on his toy blanket. The swaying ears are almost mesmerizing and we cannot stop watching and smiling. There is something about seeing a fuzzy dog on a fuzzy carpet shaking a fuzzy blanket that makes us all fuzzy and warm inside!

This game of tug of war looks so sweet when it is in slow motion. What might look intense in normal speed looks super cute and sweet when it is slowed down to these kinds of speeds. When slow, we can really see what happens to the puppy's face when he pulls and starts shaking his head back and forth! You can see him start to back up and get ready for a real fight of tug a war with the blanket, but instead of the intense head shaking and blanket yanking, we see the soft movements of the dog`s face and it is beyond adorable.

The pup`s eyes start to squint every time shakes his head back and forth and his chubby cheeks wiggle back and forth with his movements. The cutest thing of all has to be those big, furry ears of his. They are like two fuzzy wings that start soaring through the air along with the puppy`s moving head. When he is not shaking the blanket, the dog`s ears just flop up and down in rhythm with his movements!

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