Chopper makes emergency landing on US freeway

Newsflare Published January 8, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble A helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing on a freeway in West Virginia last November.

In dash-cam video captured by a car travelling northbound along Interstate 77 in Jackson County on November 28, the helicopter is forced to come down in the southbound lanes when it had a sudden engine issue, according to a local report at the time.

Writes the filmer: "Driving through West Virginia, saw a black helicopter over mountains come down and land on the freeway."

Local reports said that six passengers were on board the chopper, all of whom were employees from a Virginia pipeline company, in the region to survey a construction site.

No one was injured in the landing, which happened in the Goldtown area, and no other drivers were affected by the emergency landing, according to local media.