Happy little son born

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Published: January 8, 2018Updated: January 11, 2018

Hello my daddy son.

Happy birthday I'm your dad, it's 26 years older than me, not so much so I'm confessing to my boyfriend that it's easy to talk!

In the middle of the break, in the bathroom, I was going to scream with a few things like this, anyway are two guys together, so I just cut that, when you turn it on, naturally .

About the process you in my wife's belly up to now.

First of all, this is my reaction when my wife announces the pregnancy, I copy the whole thing for him to see: "Tadong: 'Five years old baby.' T. Linh: 'Wtf?' "

At two months, he threatened me and my wife out. Good, young people must be self-made, but not enough hairy wings that self-made are also slightly tired, but also bothered others. Luckily he listened. 5 months, he again asked to play out again, however this time not as tight as before. The doctor gave the toys to his mother to drink for him to play, he lay still.

Enough full months, people are younger than you go all out, and he lies still, also hot. Also know the 'troll'. I thought you had teeth, a beard, but every hair is still bored youth. All the ultrasound pictures we will keep, later if you have children, show off your face with it, your father this past, as I was about to show you my old photos grandparents keep up to now.

The birth of his boy how hard, especially his mother - that is my wife, he said he did not understand anything, get married and give birth to children know! Bring the face like a bottle, the head is crying, the second face in the face always, but my wife saw the injection where also the butter. (You're more than my daddy).

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